Is IndyCar Faster than NASCAR?

IndyCar and NASCAR are fantastic racing series, and each one has its own uniqueness and brings a different brand of professionalism to the world of motorsport.

Which model between IndyCar and NASCAR seems to be faster than the other one? To answer this debatable question, we will need to look at each car’s details as well as the scope of the race.

Here, you’ll get an individual summary and comparison between IndyCar and NASCAR


The NASCAR races start in February and run until November every year, with about 38 races. Therefore, it’s a long seasoned race taking about ten months.

The fact that these types of racing cars take long to complete the season, they are manufactured in ways that make them heavier than other different racing cars for stability.

The average weight of a NASCAR is 1,360 kg and averages a speed of 200 mph, and this is lower than an IndyCar that can post speeds of 231 mph.

Also, the acceleration rate is at 3.4 seconds to hit 96 kmh.

NASCAR involves 36 drivers racing in four exhibition races.


The IndyCar was introduced in 1994, and they are featured on a single-racing event termed as Indy 500. This means that these cars are only intended for one single race.

IndyCar is lighter than NASCAR with a weight of 625 kg and averages a speed of 231 mph. The acceleration rate for an IndyCar is about 3 seconds to hit 90 kmh. Does that speed sound real? Then, it would be best if you watched the IndyCar live stream to see it for yourself.

Indy 500 involves 33 drivers racing on the same day. The race has 200 laps with 500 miles.


From our research, we can conclude that the IndyCar series is lighter than NASCAR with a large margin. Also, an IndyCar posts an average speed of 231mph while NASCAR displays an average speed of 200. Therefore, we can conclude that by using the facts and numbers, an IndyCar is faster than NASCAR.

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