Super Rugby TV Broadcast Info

Super Rugby is an international event that pits rugby franchisees from different countries to provide the ultimate rugby experience. The international rugby union club tournament features teams from countries such as South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, and Argentina.

Super Rugby TV Broadcast Info

As of now, 5 franchises come from New Zealand and the country has dominated the Super Rugby tournament throughout its 24 seasons. In fact, teams from New Zealand have won the Super Rugby trophy 17 times out of 24. Current champion, Crusaders, are responsible for 10 of those 17 victories (the total is also the most for a franchise in the competition history).

The 2016 season edition saw the introduction of two new teams from two different countries, Sunwolves from Japan and the Jaguares from Argentina. The former is grouped in the Australian conference while the latter is grouped into the South African Conference.

The current format of Super Rugby has 15 teams grouped into 3 conferences comprising of 5 teams each. 2020 edition will be the last edition to feature this format as Sunwolves will be dropping out of the tournament.

Super Rugby live broadcast is provided by its many TV partners such as ESPN, Fox Sports, TSN, SuperSport, Sky Sports, Sky Sport, J Sports, Network Ten, and Setanta Sports. Each of these channels offers different packages to rugby fans.

  • Fox Sports offers live viewing of matches in Australia and also provides live streaming access through its mobile app.
  • Network Ten offers a full replay of a match every Sunday involving at least one Australian team.
  • SuperSport provides coverage for fans in South Africa.
  • Sky Sport is the official channel for Super Rugby in New Zealand.
  • Sky Sports offers live coverage for fans in the United Kingdom.
  • ESPN3 channel of ESPN is the official broadcaster in the United States.
  • J Sports provides coverage for fans in Japan.
  • Setanta Sports is the official broadcaster for the Asia Pacific region.
  • TSN provides live streaming for fans in Canada.

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