Le Mans track 2019

The 24 hours of Le Mans track this year has been prepped for and is still being treated and prepared. With the race a couple of weeks away, no one can be too safe or fix everything too perfectly. So, when you watch 24 hours of Le Mans live streaming, keep in mind all the work that goes behind the scenes before the race even starts.

24 h of Le Mans race track 2019

This track opened on June 2nd to begin the prep work for the race. It opened at 9 am.  The 62-team field were all there waiting for its opening. The teams are extremely eager to get practicing, so they can win this race.

Currently, of year, it is very nice, and the weather is very calm and cool, perfect for the race practices to begin. The Le Mans website already has live feed from the track and practices.

June 2 is test day, which is divided into four-two-hour sessions. There is a 9:00-13:00 and 14:00-18:00. This day is the perfect day to check out form before the race and fix it since they still have two weeks before the race begins.

There many tweets as well coming from the track regarding their test runs. The Le Mans website updates every minute on Twitter with live coverage of the test runs, times, drivers, cars, and more. The 24 h Endurance Racing News also has a live feed of the test days and how everything is going on the track. On June 2, Sebastian Buemi was the fastest on the track June 2nd. He has put Toyota on the top time on the track. He was followed by another Toyota, driven by Jose Mario Lopez.  Both vehicles are hybrids.  It looks like the track is being warmed up by these racers who are excited and ready for the excitement to begin.