Ten fast facts about the US Open

The US open golf competition is the mother of all championships. It is big and attracting players and fans from every corner of the globe. For the quick facts and information about US Open Golf streaming, here are ten things you should know about the competition.

Ten fast facts about the US Open
  1. The first US Open was conducted by the USGA on October 4th, 1895 at the nine-hole golf course Newport Golf and Country Club with golfers parring over 36 holes within a day.
  2. The US Open adopted the four rounds format used today in 1965 with 18 holes being played each day. Golfers play 72 holes in the US Open.
  3. The oldest US Open champion is Hale Irwin who won the trophy in 2011 at 45 years while the youngest is John S. McDermott who was 19 when he won the tournament.
  4. Tiger Woods maintains the biggest winning margin ever recorded when he won by 15 strokes at Pebble Beach in California in 2000 and a score of 272. The second largest margin is 11 strokes by Willie Smith who won the trophy in 1899 at Baltimore Country Club, Maryland.
  5. Only one amateur, John Goodman, has ever won the tournament. He won it in 1933.
  6. The youngest golfer to compete in the tournament is Chinese golfer Andy Zhang who competed in 2012 at 14 years old.
  7. Two clubs have hosted the most of the US Open tournaments. Oakmont Country Club has hosted it nine times between 1927 and 2007 with Baltusrol having hosed it seven times between 1903 and 1993.
  8. The first American born golfer to lift the trophy was John McDermott who won the tournament in 1911 at 19 years.
  9. In 1912, the US Open tournament held at the Country Club of Buffalo had an Open Course with a par 6 hole and is the first and the only course of its kind ever played.
  10. The greatest upset in the US Open was Jack Fleck’s win in 1955 Open at Olympic Club over Ben Hogan. NBC had already signed off its coverage announcing that Ben Hogan had won his record fifth title, but Fleck birdied 18 to force a playoff and went on to defeat Hogan 69-72 the next day. Jack Fleck used Ben Hogan’s signature putter to defeat him.

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